About Michael

Art is subjective.  Design can be subjective.  Craftsmanship is qualifiable.  As artists, we are judged prior to being accepted into a show.  Once accepted, on a larger scale, we are then reevaluated by the public.  While unsettling at times, these rounds of aspiring acceptance consistently require an artist to be honest with themselves and improve their craft.  It is an honor to exhibit at art shows as they encourage my current work and push me to explore ways to be a better artist.

Michael McRae has been in the arts field  for than 25 years mostly in photography. One man shows include the Kimball art center in Park city and Finch lane Gallery in SLC,UT. However over the last seven years michael has expanded into other forms of dimensional art in jewelry and accessories. "Creativity needs stimulation from all directions to remain fresh. It's amazing how one discipline can inspire new thinking on the other." Recent and upcoming shows include  Mill Valley arts , Tubac, Tempe ,Park City, Summerlin NV and Tucson art festivals.

Michael Lives in Park City Ut. with his wife Laurie and their two standard poodles Bingo and Billy.